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Become a resourceful general, feel the breathtaking battlefields, conquer the turbulent European continent and build your own empire. Enjoy countless maneuvers and strategies in this war-game, experience the history of the Medieval Age and compose your own epic. Game Introduction The barbarians invade, the Roman Empire falls, the European continent suffers from continuous wars and enters the long period known as the Medieval Age. Various forces emerge as the times require, the Vikings, the Britons, the Franks, the Holy Roman Empire… A new series of wars are coming. Witness the heroic deeds and historical incidents among European countries across various battlefields! Game Features Appreciate the changes of the times through hundreds of battles. 14 chapters, over 120 famous campaigns, 150 countries and forces. Fascinating stories based on historical incidents, including Rise of Byzantium, Viking Invasion, Burning Crusade and Hundred Years' War bring you back to the war-ridden Medieval Age. Experience the fights and struggles between countries in the Medieval Age. In Barbarian Invasion, Rise of Byzantium, and Legend of the Vikings, multiple parties vie for the throne. European War, for the first time in its serious, adopts the diplomatic system in the conquest model featuring undetermined camps. Players can convince other parties to join the force via diplomacy method. Build cities to increase material output, research policies to change the direction of the country, change the consuls to get more tax revenue. The occurrence of historical events will affect the battlefield situation, and complete the mission to obtain battlefield rewards. Hundreds of generals and distinctive armed forces are at your disposal. There are over 150 generals, including Frederick I, Saladin and Beowulf. Become legendary commanders like Genghis Khan, Joan of Arc, Richard I, William Wallace and fight in the wars. More than 10 countries boast over 300 basic military forces, including more than 30 legendary units like Knights Templar, Knights Hospitaller and Teutonic Knights. There are hundreds of war gears and military equipment to help you gain the final victory. Over 30 war gears and more than 60 kinds of military equipment such as Viking Longship, Dromon, Orban's Cannon help you expand your sphere of influence. Priceless Treasures Treasures of Pharaoh, John Lackland, Solomon and Knights Templar are waiting for you to explore. Cloud archive function allows users to change the device without losing their data. Enhanced audio-visual effects with the brand new game engine. About Us EasyTech Official: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: Discord:

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【Campaign chapter unlock】 Chapter X: Angevin Dynasty 【New Generals】 Genghis Khan Alexander Nevsky 【Hero Legend chapter unlock】 -Saviour of Eastern Rome: Alexios I -Eagle of the Steppe: Genghis Khan -Hero of Slavs: Alexander Nevsky 【New Troops】 -Boyar Cavalry -Mongolian Cavalry Guard 【Unit New Feature: Transfer】 Longbowmen can transfer into Fire Longbowmen, with the original troop is still retained. 【Conquest I Barbarian Invasion New Feature】 Resolution and Capital Relocate 【Others】 - Adjust territory battle, the number of battle times will only be deducted after the start - After pulling down the buildings in the territory, can build them again with no extra needs - Lower the difficulty of some campaigns - Add year mark on Campaign levels thumbnail - Adjust the privilege of Charlemagne and Richard I - Adjust some art for generals' portrait - Add storage for in-game shop equipment part - Add a sorting feature for items - Decrease the requirement for unique equipment achievement - Adjust some attributes for Bond - Bug fixed

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