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Devices priced for education starting at $249 >

Empower students and educators to achieve more

Meet the individual needs of all students while providing teachers with tools and apps to improve instruction. Cloud-connected deployment and management tools makes it easy to get started and gives you greater visibility and control of your tech landscape.

Benefits of Microsoft Education

Microsoft Education products are affordable and easy to manage with the security and student privacy you’ve come to expect from Microsoft.

Easy setup and management

Easily set up, add policies, users, and software to your Windows 11, iOS, and Android devices for your school or entire district.

Protect your school and students

Intelligent security proactively protects your users, devices and school information.

Training and support

If you have an issue or question, we’re here to help with guidance, resources and training.

All the tools to transform your classrooms

Affordable, reliable, and secure technology that allows for maximum impact on teaching and learning with less burden on IT to help you reach your goal of better learning outcomes for students.

Windows devices starting at $249

We reimagined Windows for a new era of digital learning, helping educators unlock the full potential of every student, giving them powerful tools to learn, collaborate, and create in a secure and trusted environment.

Easy setup and management

Intune for Education makes it easy to set up and manage all your Windows 11 educational tools. It's simple to add policies and software like Office 365 Education and Minecraft: Education Edition.

Protect your school and students

Create a safe, engaging environment for teaching and learning with secure identities, apps, data, and devices.

Case Study

"Schools are often the easiest organization to target with so much public interaction; students or staff do something careless and they give away credentials, they visit unsecured sites. And schools are often understaffed. I would highly recommend Microsoft because they’ve done a good job for us. It’s helped us greatly."

Steve Bowser, Lead Network Engineer, Carroll County Public Schools

Training and support

Get all the information you need to build and manage a safe learning environment with on-demand webcasts, free online resources, or talk to the education team at a Microsoft Store.

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