Together, we learn and grow

At Microsoft we’re looking to sociology, psychology, behavioral science and neuroscience to understand what leads to exclusion, and to find effective ways to change our habits and behaviors. We gladly share our learning resources so that others can create inclusive environments where all people feel valued, heard and included.

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A passion for tech starts early

Diversifying the STEM pipeline into colleges and universities starts with generating excitement for tech as early as possible. Through a range of initiatives and partnerships, we’re helping young people discover a passion for tech and envision a future filled with possibility.

Our partners share our mission

On a global, national and local level, we work with and support organizations that are working to advance diversity and inclusion in the tech industry—and in workplaces worldwide through research, benchmarking, program development and advocacy platforms.

Diversity takes us all further

We work to foster a diverse tech community wherever possible. A range of employee programs help advance inclusion, and we partner with suppliers who are committed to increasing diversity throughout their organizations.

Partnering to develop and engage employees

These organizations connect us to diverse communities of professionals and provide Microsoft employees with networking and professional development opportunities.