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Access to prior product versions - January 2022 update

  • Customers who have licensed software through a Microsoft Volume Licensing program are eligible to use prior versions of the software edition that they have licensed. This is known as a downgrade right. More information is provided in the Downgrade Rights Volume Licensing brief, as well as in the Product Terms.
  • If you have legally obtained physical media (CD/DVD) of older licensed Microsoft products that your organization is currently licensed to use through downgrade rights, you can use these prior software versions at your discretion.
  • Product lifecycle information is found at our Search Lifecycle Information page.
  • Your organization may install prior versions of products that are no longer available from the VLSC from any past shipments of physical Volume Licensing media (comprehensive or subscription kits) your organization may have received.  Alternatively, your Microsoft Reseller may still have CD/DVD media inventory.

Product availability information

Microsoft releases new products and product updates for Volume Licensing customers each month. To find out what new products are available, read the following document:

For Volume Licensing customers, the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) is your key resource to manage your software licenses and access licensed software from Microsoft.

  • Product updates are available as downloads: To download products from the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) site, sign in to the VLSC, and then click Downloads.
Note: To access the VLSC, you must be a registered user on the site and have access to agreement data. If you need assistance accessing the site, visit the Support Center section to contact the Microsoft Support Center.

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