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Privacy and security for your school

Keep your students, teachers, and school safe with built-in capabilities, cloud-powered intelligence and the highest standards of security, privacy, and compliance.

Protect your users, devices, and data

Create a safe and engaging learning environment, meet privacy standards, and ensure continuous compliance for your institution.

Secure access to your school

Secure user identities and access with Azure AD and conditional access.

Defend your digital landscape

Protect against and respond to threats with Microsoft Threat Protection.

Safeguard sensitive student data

Protect information and assets with Information Protection and Cloud App Security.

Respond to and manage risk

Intelligently assess your compliance posture and reduce risk with built-in compliance solutions.

Case Study

"My ability to manage remotely using Intune is great. When people lose their devices or have them stolen, it’s simple for me to track those devices from the Azure panel. And with Intune helping to protect the information on the devices, we get extra safety."

Craig Browning, IT Director, Davidson Academy

3 keys to security and compliance for your school

Read how to solve for the unique challenges schools face protecting students, teachers and data.

Microsoft 365 Education security solutions

Deployment guides for mobility and security services from Microsoft 365.

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