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  • Talent Hub December 2024 Deprecation FAQs

    Account Access

    Our top priority has always been helping our customers hire more efficiently, and we are continuously optimizing our solutions to do just that. After careful consideration, we have decided to focus on delivering more value and integrations to our…

  • Talent Hub - FAQs


    LinkedIn Talent Hub is designed to save talent professionals time with the ability to source and manage candidates in one place, giving you an improved hiring experience. Check out some of our frequently asked questions to learn more about Talent…

  • Assign admin permissions in Talent Hub


    Existing admins can assign admin permissions to new users or to existing users with active licenses. New users - Follow the link in the Related tasks section below to learn how to assign admin permissions to new users. Existing users- Follow the…

  • Project-level permissions in Talent Hub

    Manage Users

    Project Creators can add collaborators with varying access to their projects. You need to assign the user one of three permission levels (full project access, pipeline only access, or view only access). These permissions plus the users…

  • License and permission types in Talent Hub

    Manage Users

    The available license types in LinkedIn Talent hub are Hiring Project Creator, Hiring Collaborator, and Basic User. There are also permissions that can be combined with licenses. Permission types are divided between Search (paid) …

  • Manage Your Pipeline in Talent Hub


    Once you’ve created a project in LinkedIn Talent Hub, you can search for candidates or import candidates and add them to your pipeline. This allows you track and manage your candidates throughout the hiring process. Your pipeline contains the…