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The WiX Toolset

Integrates seamlessly

into build processes to create Windows installation packages.


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About the WiX toolset

The WiX toolset lets developers create installers for Windows Installer, the Windows installation engine.

  • The core of WiX is a set of build tools that build Windows Installer packages using the same build concepts as the rest of your product: source code is compiled and then linked to create executables; in this case .exe setup bundles, .msi installation packages, .msm merge modules, and .msp patches. The WiX command-line build tools work with any automated build system. Also, MSBuild is supported from the command line, Visual Studio, and Team Build.

  • WiX includes several extensions that offer functionality beyond that of Windows Installer. For example, WiX can install IIS web sites, create SQL Server databases, and register exceptions in the Windows Firewall, among others.

  • With Burn, the WiX bootstrapper, you can create setup bundles that install prerequisites like the .NET Framework and other runtimes along with your own product. Burn lets you download packages or combine them into a single downloadable .exe.

  • The WiX SDK includes managed and native libraries that make it easier to write code that works with Windows Installer, including custom actions in both C# and C++.

Recent news

  • WiX Toolset v4-preview.0 available 2021/05/17

    WiX v4-preview.0 is now available for experimentation. Read more about it at Rob's blog.

  • WiX Toolset v3.11.2 released 2019/09/18

    WiX v3.11.2 is a minor security release of WiX. If your application directly references Microsoft.Deployment.Compression.Cab.dll or Microsoft.Deployment.Compression.Zip.dll to decompress cabinet or zip files to a folder, you should upgrade to this release.

    Read more about the release at FireGiant's blog.

  • WiX Toolset Visual Studio Extension v1.0 released (with VS2019 support) 2019/07/16

    Today the WiX Toolset Visual Studio Extension v1.0 (Votive v1.0) was published to the Visual Studio marketplace. This includes support for Visual Studio 2019. Huge thanks to the team at FireGiant for their persistence with the publishing process.

    You can find it all on the Downloads page.

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