IXMLHTTPRequest2::SetCustomResponseStream method (msxml6.h)

Provides a custom stream to replace the standard stream for receiving an HTTP response.


HRESULT SetCustomResponseStream(
  ISequentialStream *pSequentialStream



Custom stream that will receive the HTTP response. ISequentialStream

Return value

Returns S_OK on success.


After this method is called, IXMLHTTPRequest2 will call the ISequentialStream::Write method when it receives response data from the server. You can begin processing the data at that time, but avoid heavy processing because the call is made inline to receiving further data from the server. Because this IXMLHTTPRequest2 never calls ISequentialStream::Read on the custom stream, it is safe to return E_NOTIMPL if the application does not need to use ISequentialStream::Read.


Minimum supported client Windows 8 [desktop apps | UWP apps],MSXML 6.0 and later
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2012 [desktop apps | UWP apps]
Target Platform Windows
Header msxml6.h

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