Game development videos

Here's a list of game development videos from major conferences like GDC and //build.

GDC 2018 videos


What is LiveOps? Learn why developers are creating live games: Your game for everyone with PlayFab (Interview) - James Gwertzman, David Holladay

Azure cloud services

Xbox Live Creators Program


Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and App Center

What is VSTS? Learn how to implement DevOps in your build process: Introduction to Visual Studio Team Services - Dmitry Lyalin, James Montemagno


New to version control systems? Intro to Git and Git Virtual File System (GVFS): Introduction to GVFS - Edward Thomson, James Montemagno

Visual Studio

Game development experiences

Microsoft Store

Mixed Reality

Game Accessibility Conference 2018

//Build 2017 videos

  • Lighting up HDR and advanced color in DirectX - Simon Tao

GDC 2017 game dev session videos

  • Unveiling New Game Developer Opportunities with Xbox and Windows - Chris Charla
  • Introducing Spatial Audio Capabilities for Xbox and Windows - Scott Selfon
  • D3D12 Performance Tuning and Debugging with PIX and GPU Validation - Shawn Hargreaves, Max McMullen
  • Game Mode and the Evolution of Cross-Platform UWP Game Development - Eric Walston
  • Xbox Live for All Game - Brian Tyler
  • Meet the Converged Microsoft Store for Windows and Xbox - Krupa Poobala-Chandran
  • Windows Holographic Rendering: One SDK to Target VR and AR Ecosystems - Alex Pfaffe, Alex Turner
  • Reaching More Gamers Through Xbox Accessibility Features on Xbox One and PC - Evelyn Thomas

GDC 2015 game dev session videos

  • The Future of Gaming Across the Microsoft Ecosystem – Phil Spencer
  • Developing Games for Windows 10 – Chris Tector, Don Box
  • Advanced DirectX 12 Graphics and Performance – Max McMullen
  • Gaming Consumer Experience on Windows 10 – Bill Schiefelbein
  • New Opportunities for Independent Developers – Chris Charla
  • Developing with Xbox Live for Windows 10 – Vijay Gajjala, Brian Tyler
  • Xbox Live Multiplayer: Introducing services for cross-platform matchmaking and gameplay – Ferdinand Schober
  • Fable Legends: Cross-device Gameplay with Xbox Live – Raymond Arifianto, Julian Davis
  • Best Practices for Leveraging Cloud-Based User Stats and Achievements in Xbox Live – Cierra McDonald
  • Solve the Tough Graphics Problems with Your Game Using DirectX Tools – Rudolph Balaz, Rong Lu, Jason Strayer
  • Better Power, Better Performance: Your Game on DirectX 12 – Bennett Sorbo
  • Sustained Gaming Performance in multi-core mobile devices – Julian Calinov
  • Designing Games for a Windows Core World – Todd Williams, Shai Hinitz
  • PC Games for Windows 10 – Chuck Walbourn

//build 2015 session videos

  • Introducing Win2D: DirectX-Powered Drawing in C# – Simon Tao
  • ANGLE: Running OpenGL ES 2.0 Graphics Code on Windows – Tony Balogh
  • Advanced DirectX12 Graphics and Performance – Max McMullen  


These are videos that were in the Windows game development guide.

  • Accelerating Microsoft Store Game Development with Middleware
  • Game Development Middleware - What is it? Do I need it?