Windows 365 approved partners

Windows 365 gives opportunities to independent software vendors. When partners build their Windows apps, they can reach a broader audience by delivering their apps in the cloud.

Here’s the list of approved partners that build and innovate with Windows 365.


10ZiG image

Securely stream the Microsoft Windows 365 Cloud PC experience to high-performing 10ZiG endpoints that offer:

  • Highly secure Windows 10 IoT LTSC 2021 and in-house Linux-based operating systems.
  • A wide range of hardware with customization options available.
  • Options to manage and deploy Cloud PCs by using Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM) and/or the 10ZiG Manager™ for increased safety, remote access, and ease of use.

For more information, visit the 10ZiG website.


Citrix image

The Citrix offering for Windows 365 will enable IT to deliver enhanced work experiences on Cloud PCs that:

  • Allow employees to seamlessly access Citrix-enabled Cloud PCs through
  • Apply granular policy controls to enhance security and protect corporate data.
  • Provide a high-definition, interactive experience across a broad range of endpoint devices and peripherals.
  • Optimize voice and video performance for multimedia applications.
  • Provides more granular controls when integrating with third-party identity solutions.


IGEL image

Secure access to Windows 365 is further enhanced with IGEL OS:

  • Optimized to connect to Cloud PC.
  • Secure read-only OS removes security concerns at the edge.
  • IGEL OS can be installed on any x86-64 device allowing even older devices to securely connect.

For more information, visit the IGEL website.


Nerdio image

Windows 365 and Nerdio Manager help users to be productive from anywhere, on any compatible device with a cloud-powered, secure, and always up-to-date Windows experience. Nerdio seamlessly lets MSPs and IT professionals:

  • Instantly provision Cloud PCs.
  • Manage physical and virtual devices through a unified portal.
  • Realize a fixed and predictable price.

For more information, visit the Nerdio website.


Spot by NetApp image

Spot by NetApp delivers fully managed, continuously optimized cloud desktops as a service.

For more information, read about Spot on the NetApp website.


Rimo3 image

Rimo3 helps organizations onboard Windows 365 by verifying apps and updates for Cloud PCs. It helps you understand the impact of OS, app, and security updates on your Cloud PCs in your unique operating environment. With Rimo3, you can:

  • Rapidly verify app (including MSIX) compatibility, functionality, and performance metrics for Cloud PCs.
  • Test app readiness against security and OS updates up to 10 times faster than current processes.
  • Quickly assess end user resource and performance impacts before production implementation.

For more information, visit the Rimo3 website.


ServiceNow image

ServiceNow and Microsoft are continuing to find new ways for employees to seamlessly collaborate while delivering great experiences to our joint customers.

For more information, read the blog on the ServiceNOw website.


UKG image

Ultimate Kronos Group is an American multinational technology company that provides workforce management and human resource management services.

For more information, see UKG's Newsroom.

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