Windows Developer account in Visual Studio subscriptions

Your Windows Developer Account, included with selected Visual Studio subscription, lets you submit free and paid Windows apps to the Windows Store.

Activation steps

To use your Windows Developer Account, you need to set up an account or sign in using an existing account.


Creation of a Windows Developer account requires the use of a Microsoft Account (MSA). Use of Azure Active Directory accounts is not supported.

We recommend that you create a "private" browser window for this process. For example, in Google Chrome, create a new "incognito" window. In Internet Explorer, create a new "InPrivate" window.

  1. Sign in to
  2. Locate the Windows Developer Account tile in the Tools section and select on the Get Code link at the bottom of the benefit tile. Copy the code to your clipboard, then select Activate.

    Windows Developer Benefit Tile

  3. On the site, you can begin the registration process. Select Sign up to continue.

    Windows Developer Benefit Registration

  4. Sign in to your subscription. If you have multiple accounts, choose the one associated with your Enterprise subscription.
  5. Enter your email address, select your preferred language, and select Save.
  6. On the next page, select the country or region where you live or where your business is located, and then select Next.
  7. Select Individual as your account type.
  8. Create your publisher display name. This name is the unique name your customers see associated with your apps, add-ins, and services.
  9. Provide your contact information and preferred email language, then select Next.
  10. You may be asked to verify your password. Enter it and select Sign in.
  11. On the Registration – Payment page, paste the code you copied earlier into the Promo Code field. The page updates to show that no payment is required. Select Next.
  12. Review your account information, review the App Developer Agreement, and select the checkbox to indicate your acceptance of the terms and conditions. Then select Finish.
  13. Select Go to dashboard to begin using your Windows Developer Account!


Subscription Level Channels Benefit Renewable?
Visual Studio Enterprise (Standard) VL, Azure, Retail, selected NFR* Included Yes
Visual Studio Enterprise subscription with GitHub Enterprise VL Included Yes
Visual Studio Professional (Standard) VL, Azure, Retail Included Yes
Visual Studio Professional subscription with GitHub Enterprise VL Included Yes
Visual Studio Test Professional (Standard) VL, Retail Not available NA
MSDN Platforms (Standard) VL, Retail Not available NA
Visual Studio Enterprise, Visual Studio Professional (monthly cloud) Azure Not available NA

* Includes: Not for Resale (NFR), FTE, Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP), BizSpark, MCT Software & Services Developer, Most Valuable Professional (MVP), Regional Director (RD). Excludes: Microsoft Cloud Partner Program, Imagine, MCT Software & Services, NFR Basic.


Microsoft no longer offers Visual Studio Professional Annual subscriptions and Visual Studio Enterprise Annual subscriptions in Cloud Subscriptions. There will be no change to existing customers experience and ability to renew, increase, decrease, or cancel their subscriptions. New customers are encouraged to go to to explore different options to purchase Visual Studio.

Not sure which subscription you're using? Connect to to see all the subscriptions assigned to your email address. If you don't see all your subscriptions, you may have one or more assigned to a different email address. You need to sign in with that email address to see those subscriptions.

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