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17.5.2 Visual Studio 2022 for Mac v17.5.2 NewReleaseButton

  • 17.5.2 build 14 released March 14th, 2023*

What's New in Visual Studio 2022 for Mac v17.5.2

Top updates in this release include:

Developer Community

17.5.1 Visual Studio 2022 for Mac v17.5.1

  • 17.5.1 build 23 released March 7th, 2023*

What's New in Visual Studio 2022 for Mac v17.5.1

Top updates in this release include:

  • More improvements have been made to editor performance and memory use. We continue to investigate performance issues specific to macOS Ventura.
  • The .NET SDK was updated to version 7.0.201.
  • Addressed cyclic project references which could result in the application crashing.
  • Fonts configured in Preferences are now properly saved on closing Visual Studio for Mac.
  • Source files previously left open now reopen upon loading the related solution.
  • Brace matching option UI fixed so the check box isn't disabled unexpectedly.
  • Addressed a crash occuring intermittently when updating command state.

Developer Community

17.5.0 Visual Studio 2022 for Mac v17.5.0

  • 17.5.0 build 1802 released February 21st, 2023*

What's New in Visual Studio 2022 for Mac v17.5.0

Top updates in this release include:

  • IDE Hot Exit - Quitting the VSMac app from the dock, main menu, or restarting the IDE from Preferences or Updater will conduct a Hot Exit, where unsaved changes in the editor are not saved, but made available again upon restarting the IDE and opening the previous solution.
  • Git Branch Selection - There is now Git branch information and functionality in the status bar at the bottom of the IDE. One can select a Git branch by clicking on the branch indicator. Additionally, changes are also indicated in the status bar.
  • Improved typing performance compared to earlier versions - note that the Visual Studio for Mac team continues to investigate typing performance to make improvements.
  • Code formatting improved. Format Document and Format Selection work again to format code according to formatting configuration. The Visual Studio for Mac team continues to investigate formatting issues.
  • Improved experience in the Git Changes window. Git Changes window works better when starting auto hidden. Git Changes window now has a 'Conflict' category area similar to Changes and Staged Changes, improving conflict resolution. Improved usability of the Git Changes window, including getting started guidance in the Git Changes window.
  • Selection highlighting in the code editor matches behavior of Visual Studio for Windows. Highlights to other occurrences of the current selection are indicated.
  • Find and Replace dialog initializes with search text similar to the behavior of Visual Studio for Windows. When the cursor is on bracket characters the search text is not populated.
  • Improved Xcode integration. Asset catalog folders now show in the solution view for supported project types. Info.plist editors advanced UI correctly launches Xcode when "Open in Xcode" is invoked.
  • Improved crash analytics for the MSBuilder process related to Visual Studio 2022 for Mac.
  • Tests will correctly be displayed in the Test Pad even when wild cards are used in the unit test NuGet package specifications. Additionally, performance improvements and UI responsiveness while loading unit tests into the Test Pad have been made.
  • Unit Tests targeting .Net 6 and multiple platforms will now run correctly. Project with multiple platform targets and using .NET 6.0 can now run unit tests and the correct test host is used.
  • Visual Studio 2022 for Mac now runs on .NET 7.
  • Improved capability to capture coredumps for select issues.
  • Removed dependencies on NRefactory.

Fixes in this release include:

  • VSMac now supports the following .NET SDKs: 7.0.200 and 6.0.406.
  • VSMac now supports Xcode 14.2 for Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Mac projects.
  • Several memory leaks were addressed.
  • Fixed a UI freeze when a large amount of project files is deleted from disk.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to move a solution folder inside itself in the solution view.
  • Syntax colorization issue in some .razor and .cshtml files has been addressed.
  • Cleaner, valid list of properties page values for projects targeting .Net SDK (excluding deprecated ones).
  • During debugging, while hovering over the equals sign in an assignment (such as x = x + 1), the value of the left-hand variable was actually being reassigned during the debugging session. This has now been fixed. Additionally, hovering over the + operator will evaluate the right-hand side of the expression. This matches the behavior found in Visual Studio 2022.
  • Adding a project reference to a Blazor Web Assembly project no longer fails.
  • Adding a NuGet package to a Blazor project no longer shows an 'Invalid configuration mapping' error in the Solution window.
  • Highlighting text in hex editor now works properly.
  • VSMac updates Link items in project files changing only slashes and backslashes.
  • VSMac no longer deletes MauiImage properties from csproj files inadvertantly.
  • Properties (e.g. dependencies) now updated properly in NuGet package manager when switching versions.
  • Unnecessary changes no longer added to .csproj files when adding NuGet package.
  • Auto save feature now works with IDE Hot Exit.
  • Configuration icon in toolbar is no longer always a phone image.
  • Task Pad views now have correct column header colors in dark theme.
  • "Build" is now localized in French when right-clicking a project.
  • "Coding" and "Code Folding" are now localized in General page of the Preferences dialog.
  • Detached windows are now correctly on top of the main IDE window.
  • Window order restored upon restarting the IDE.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the split view button from appearing when editing Android designer files.
  • Change font in preferences now works correctly in the Build Output panel.
  • Dragging text over the Watch window appropriately adds a new value in the grid.
  • Drag & drop improvements to tabs in the main IDE window were made.
  • Voice Over now announces activity for the Hex Editor.
  • Voice Over improved for the Tasks window.
  • Buttons and status inside the Git Changes window tree now have a Voice Over label.
  • Frame animations now supported in the status bar.
  • Improved cursor interaction with multibyte characters.
  • Scrolling the tab strip in the main IDE window no longer leaves tabs highlighted.
  • Tabs in the main IDE window can now be reordered with drag & drop as expected.
  • Assembly browser now sets the selection to the opened .dll in a drag & drop scenario.
  • Toolbar items no longer clipped on Ventura.
  • Project/Solution Properties dialog no longer prevents the IDE from shutting down.
  • The "Gathering class information" icon no longer persists for F# items.
  • Navigate Back key binding now scrolls position to center of screen.
  • The Find field in text search now initializes similar to Visual Studio for Windows.
  • Default fonts for Text Editor and General Tool Window Text have been restored to Cascadia Code and System Font, respectively.
  • The Model Class to use drop-down box option is now populated when add Scaffolding in Web Application (MVC) project.
  • Git delete no longer throws exceptions.
  • Git history no longer shows no files for first commit.
  • Git clone stores recent repositories.
  • Git history icons display correctly for added/removed files.
  • Git Changes works correctly when auto hidden.
  • Git Changes: hover buttons no longer stop hovering.
  • Selecting Amend updates the commit message no longer causes a long delay.
  • Git performance improved when loading a solution.
  • Notification bar is now cleared as expected.
  • Updating a .NET Core 3.1 Web Application project to .NET 7.0/6.0 on M1 Machine, running the project no longer encounters an error "version '3.1.0' (arm64) was not found".
  • Workload manifest failure no longer occur when older previews of .NET 7 SDK are installed side-by-side.
  • Content in properties window is now the correct width.
  • Addressed error "Error MSB4018: 'The AOTCompile' task failed unexpectedly" in .NET6 PR build when Rosetta was not installed on an M1 machine. The IDE now warns that Rosetta is needed.
  • Project is now reloaded after MAUI workload install from the info bar.
  • Addressed a UI hang when cancelling iOS processes.
  • Address an issue when a debug target to iOS device failed with "Could not connect to the debugger" for Xamarin.Forms project.
  • Status bar animation performance improved.
  • Solution window now syncs with .xml files.
  • Focus in the Editor window is no longer lost after ending debugger session.
  • Property window now displays a scroll bar as needed.
  • Version number line in About dialog is now selectable.
  • "C# Source Code" Options Panel now properly handles variable line spacing and breaks.
  • Semi-colon autocorrect can now be disabled, if desired.
  • Inline rename adornment UX in the editor has been improved.
  • Page up-down now works in completion list.
  • Added support for Assets.xcassets folders in net6.0 and MAUI projects.

Developer Community feedback addressed in this release include:

Known issues: