RotateTransform.CenterX Property


Gets or sets the x-coordinate of the rotation center point for this transformation.

 property double CenterX { double get(); void set(double value); };
double CenterX();

void CenterX(double value);
public double CenterX { get; set; }
var double = rotateTransform.centerX;
rotateTransform.centerX = double;
Public Property CenterX As Double
<RotateTransform CenterX="double"/>

Property Value



The x-coordinate of the center of rotation, in pixels within the transform's frame of reference. The default is 0.


When a RotateTransform is applied as the RenderTransform for a UIElement, the RenderTransformOrigin can also affect how the transformation behaves. In particular this affects the center point that the UIElement rotates around. For more info, see Remarks in RotateTransform.

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