Uri.QueryParsed Property


Gets a parsed Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) query string.

 property WwwFormUrlDecoder ^ QueryParsed { WwwFormUrlDecoder ^ get(); };
WwwFormUrlDecoder QueryParsed();
public WwwFormUrlDecoder QueryParsed { get; }
var wwwFormUrlDecoder = uri.queryParsed;
Public ReadOnly Property QueryParsed As WwwFormUrlDecoder

Property Value


The parsed query, as a new WwwFormUrlDecoder object. This is a read-only list of all name-value pairs (the form entries) as found in the query string after parsing.


Query reports the query portion of the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI), and the subdelimiters (& characters) and key-value separators (=) are all reported as-is in that string. QueryParsed parses this string and creates a read-only list (vector) of name-value pairs. This is returned as a WwwFormUrlDecoder object.

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