Uri.DisplayIri Property


Gets the decoded unicode characters that make up the current URI.

 property Platform::String ^ DisplayIri { Platform::String ^ get(); };
winrt::hstring DisplayIri();
public string DisplayIri { get; }
var string = uri.displayIri;
Public ReadOnly Property DisplayIri As String

Property Value


The decoded unicode characters, when possible. Unsafe values are renamed as percent-encoded UTF-8. Characters in the hostname are decoded if they were encoded usingPunycode.


The DisplayIri property is an attempted decode of the string as seen in the AbsoluteCanonicalUri property. You might use this string for display to the user, where showing the encodings would be distracting and would make link text that parallels the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) difficult to read as text. Unsafe values (values that can't be decoded under the user's codepage) are kept as percent-encoded UTF-8.

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