Use advanced formula techniques and custom updates in Power Platform

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Do you want to use formulas in a more advanced way? This learning path will help you use advanced formulas and perform custom updates.

This learning path can help you prepare for the Microsoft Certified: Microsoft Power Platform App Maker Associate certification.


Modules in this learning path

Do you have need for complex formulas in your app? This module can help you write those formulas.

Explore how you can use Power Fx formulas to work with the Choice column in Microsoft Dataverse. These column data types present the user with a fixed list of values that are defined by the maker.

Learn how to use Dataverse relationships in canvas apps from Power Apps. As real-life objects are related to each other, the relationships are used in Dataverse to link rows in one table to another. Using the relationships properly means that apps can hide unnecessary complexities of the data model.

Imperative development techniques can help you achieve the goal for your app. You will learn about different development methods and different variables in Power Apps.

With some Power Apps canvas apps a form is not the solution. This module will focus on how to perform custom updates when your data is not in a form.

Learn how to unpack a canvas app from a single monolithic file to many files, each describing an individual part of the app. In these files, formulas from your app are represented in YAML text format to allow for a simple reading and editing experience.