This module helps school leaders and classroom teachers elevate instructional practices and student achievement using Windows 11 and Windows 11 SE.  This module explores: 

  • Your role as a school leader or tech-savvy educator to support classroom teachers and other educators in their professional growth.
  • Why to use Windows 11 and Windows 11 SE and how these advanced operating systems support classroom teachers and students with a focus on increased student achievement.
  • What features educators can use to streamline their workflow, enhance digital integration, and help all students focus on learning and stay on task.
  • How Windows 11 can help school leaders and tech-savvy educators evolve classroom teachers’ instructional strategies and impact student learning.

Element of this PD include:

  • Technology that supports learning (and doesn’t get in the way) 

  • Streamlined digital environment 

  • Built-in assistive learning tools

  • Affordable devices that advance equity in education

Learning objectives

  • Assess and contribute to the implementation of district K-12 technology programs at assigned school sites.
  • Increase student achievement by streamlining workflows and tasks to implement innovative, research-based instructional strategies
  • Work collaboratively with ongoing support and professional learning opportunities focused on personalized professional growth to increase learning outcomes.
  • Provide digital learning devices and support that keep students focused on learning with fewer opportunities for distraction in the classroom.
  • Support inclusivity and equity by using the powerful accessibility features that are embedded in Windows 11.