Prevent data loss


Organizations must protect sensitive information and prevent its inadvertent disclosure to comply with business requirements and industry regulations. End users do not always know what information they are permitted to share with others in and outside the organization. They may also share sensitive data accidentally. The data loss prevention (DLP) solution detects sensitive content and helps prevent accidental oversharing in and outside the organization. How you handle detected sensitive can be influenced by:

Data source

The source of the data sharing activity may impact your response. Some users, like members of a finance department, might have a business need to share taxpayer information numbers, while members of a marketing department do not.

Data destination

You can adjust your response based on if the sensitive information is shared with people inside your organization, outside your organization, or both.

Amount shared

You may determine a user sharing a single credit card number is not as serious as a user sharing 1000 credit card numbers. DLP allows you to respond differently to an oversharing incident based on the amount of data being shared.

Exposure impact

You might do something as simple as prompt the user with a tool tip to educate them about sensitive data sharing when the impact of exposing that data is relatively low. Sharing of more sensitive information might result in an incident report being sent to administrators. Sharing of the most sensitive data could result in blocking content sharing and the content being encrypted.