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Choose the best response for each of the questions below. Then select “Check your answers".

Check your knowledge


Your social media engagement officer has requested your help in boosting followers and retweets on Twitter. How could you help her get more information to better understand and subsequently increase engagement?


Your team has become frustrated with the number of times they have to perform basic data entry on project startup. There are many divisions who need the information and sometimes human error results in mistakes, making it more difficult to make sense of your information. Which program would be the most help in this situation?


Someone has added an item in SharePoint which prompts a workflow to run in Power Automate. What type of operation have you used to start your workflow?


A client likes the idea of implementing a Microsoft Power Platform solution, but is concerned about the ability to interact with a custom API. How should you respond?


Someone asks you to describe a connector. How would you respond?