sp_addqreader_agent (Transact-SQL)

Applies to: SQL Server Azure SQL Managed Instance

Adds a Queue Reader agent for a given Distributor. This stored procedure is executed at the Distributor on the distribution database or at the Publisher on the publication database.

Transact-SQL syntax conventions


sp_addqreader_agent [ @job_login = ] 'job_login'  
        , [ @job_password = ] 'job_password'  
    [ , [ @job_name = ] 'job_name'  
    [ , [ @frompublisher = ] frompublisher   


[ @job_login = ] 'job_login' Is the login for the Microsoft Windows account under which the agent runs. job_login is nvarchar(257), with no default. This Windows account is always used for agent connections to the Distributor.

[ @job_password = ] 'job_password' Is the password for the Windows account under which the agent runs. job_password is sysname, with no default.


Do not store authentication information in script files. For best security, login names and passwords should be supplied at runtime.

[ @job_name = ] 'job_name' Is the name of an existing agent job. job_name is sysname, with a default value of NULL. This parameter is only specified when the agent is created using an existing job instead of a newly created job (the default).

[ @frompublisher = ] frompublisher Specifies whether the procedure is being executed at the Publisher. frompublisher is bit, with a default value of 0. A value of 1 means that the procedure is being executed from the Publisher on the publication database.

Return Code Values

0 (success) or 1 (failure)


sp_addqreader_agent is used in transactional replication.

sp_addqreader_agent must be executed at least once at a Distributor that supports queued updating after sp_adddistributiondb but before sp_addpublication.

The Queue Reader Agent job is removed when you execute sp_dropdistributiondb.


Only members of the sysadmin fixed server role can execute sp_addqreader_agent.

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