Azure SQL migration extension for Azure Data Studio

The Azure SQL migration extension for Azure Data Studio enables you to assess, get right-sized Azure recommendations and migrate your SQL Server databases to Azure.

The key benefits of using the Azure SQL migration extension for Azure Data Studio are:

  • A responsive user interface provides you with an end-to-end migration experience that starts with a migration readiness assessment, SKU recommendation (based on performance data).
  • An enhanced assessment mechanism can evaluate SQL Server instances, identifying databases ready for migration to the different Azure SQL targets.
  • An SKU recommendation engine (Preview) that collects performance data from the source SQL Server instance on-premises, generating right-sized SKU recommendations based on your Azure SQL target.
  • A reliable Azure service powered by Azure Database Migration Service that orchestrates data movement activities to deliver a seamless migration experience.
  • The ability to run online (for migrations requiring minimal downtime) or offline (for migrations where downtime persists through the migration) migration modes to suit your business requirements.
  • The flexibility to create and configure a self-hosted integration runtime to provide your own compute for accessing the source SQL Server and backups in your on-premises environment.

To learn more, see Migrate databases with Azure SQL Migration extension for Azure Data Studio.

This article describes installing the Azure SQL migration extension through Azure Data Studio.


If you don't have an Azure subscription, create a free Azure account before you begin.

The following prerequisites are also required to install this extension:

Install the Azure SQL migration extension

Follow the steps below to install the Azure SQL migration extension in Azure Data Studio.

  1. Open the extensions manager in Azure Data Studio. You can either select the extensions icon or select Extensions in the View menu.

    Extension icon

  2. Type in Azure SQL Migration in the search bar.

  3. Select the Azure SQL Migration extension and view its details.

  4. Select Install.

    Azure SQl Migration extension from market place

  5. You can see the Azure SQL migration extension in the extension list once installed.

    Azure SQL migration extension

  6. You can connect to the SQL Server instance in Azure Data Studio. Right-click the instance name and select Manage to see the dashboard and the Azure SQL Migration extension landing page.

    Landing page

Set up auto update for the extension

You can check for updates to the extension and have them automatically updated by configuring Auto Update in Azure Data Studio settings.

To enable auto updates:

  1. Select the Settings icon in Azure Data Studio.
  2. Select the checkbox under User > Features > Extensions > Auto Check Updates.
  3. Select the dropdown under User > Features > Extensions > Auto Update and select either All Extensions or Only Enabled Extensions.

auto update the extension


If you want to update the extension manually, you can disable Auto Update and install the updates from the extension in the Marketplace.


Azure SQL target readiness assessment and database migrations

The Azure SQL migration extension supports assessment and generates Azure recommendations (Preview) and database migrations for the following Azure SQL targets.

  • SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines
  • Azure SQL Managed Instance
  • Azure SQL Database (Preview)

Migration modes

The following migration modes are supported for the corresponding Azure SQL targets.

  • Online - The source SQL Server database is available for reading and writing activity, while database backups are continuously restored on target Azure SQL. Application downtime is limited to the duration of the cutover at the end of migration.
  • Offline - The source database can't be used for writing activity while backup files are restored on the target Azure SQL database (Preview). Application downtime persists from the start until the completion of the migration process.

Support matrix

Azure SQL target Migration mode
Azure SQL Managed Instance Online / Offline
SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machine Online / Offline
Azure SQL Database (Preview) Offline


For information on pre-requisites, features and migration workflow, see Migration using Azure Data Studio

Get help from Microsoft support

You can raise a support request to get Microsoft support assistance if you encounter issues or errors with your database migrations using the Azure SQL Migration extension.

Click on the New support request button in the upper section of the extension. It will automatically take you to the Azure portal, where you can fill in the details and then submit a support request. Get help from Microsoft support for the extension

You can submit ideas/suggestions for improvement, and other feedback, including bugs, in the Azure Community forum — Azure Database Migration Service.


You can also use the Feedback button if you have any suggestions or feedback to improve the extension.

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