Updates available models settings (associated retention label and model description) for a Microsoft Syntex document understanding model (see example).

HTTP request

POST /_api/machinelearning/models/getbytitle('{modelFileName}')/updatemodelsettings HTTP/1.1

URI parameters

Name In Required Type Description
modelFileName query True string Name of the Syntex model file.

Request headers

Header Value
Accept application/json;odata=verbose
Content-Type application/json;odata=verbose;charset=utf-8
x-requestdigest The appropriate digest for the current site.

Request body

Name Type Description
ModelSettings string JSON of model settings.
Description string The model description.
RetentionLabel Info for the associated label (label ID and name).


Name Type Description
200 OK Success


Update model settings for Contoso Contract

In this example, the model description and "Standard Hold" retention label are updated. The ID of the retention label is 27c5fcba-abfd-4c34-823d-0b4a48f7ffe6.

Sample request

    "ModelSettings": "{\"Description\":\"This model is used to set files classified as Contoso Contracts with a standard hold retention.\", \"RetentionLabel\":{\"Id\":\"27c5fcba-abfd-4c34-823d-0b4a48f7ffe6\",\"Name\":\"Standard Hold\"}}"

Sample response

Status code: 200

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