General Reference

Microsoft Silverlight will reach end of support after October 2021. Learn more.

This section contains reference information related to Silverlight.

In This Section

  • JavaScript API for Silverlight Reference
    Describes the objects, methods, properties, events, and enumerations in the JavaScript API for Silverlight.

  • Silverlight Plug-in Object Reference
    Describes the Silverlight plug-in object in terms of its core functionality, and provides the necessary syntax for each possible programming model or access model.

  • Silverlight.js Reference
    Describes JavaScript helper functions for embedding the Silverlight plug-in in a Web page and for customizing the Silverlight installation experience.

  • Silverlight Configuration Schema
    Describes the configuration schema for Silverlight clients accessing Web services.

  • Visual Basic Run-Time Support in Silverlight
    Describes which Visual Basic run-time features are not supported in Silverlight.

  • COM Reference
    Describes a set of COM interfaces on the Microsoft Internet Explorer version of the plug-in (agcore.dll) and another set that is available for either COM or NPAPI control models.

  • Error Messages
    Describe errors that originate with scripts, native code, or tools that support Silverlight development.

  • Designers and Dialog Boxes
    Describe Silverlight user interface components in Visual Studio or available to the end user.