Use Backup and Restore

Applies To: Windows Home Server 2011

Windows® Home Server 2011 provides a reliable way to perform regular server backups of your home computers to storage drives on the server. When you join your home computer to Windows Home Server 2011, you can choose to back up the computer to the server. In the event of data loss, the data from a successful backup on the server can be restored by the person who manages your server. If necessary, a full system restore from a backup on the server can be performed by the person who manages your server.

Back up a home computer

Unexpected events, such as viruses, hardware failures, natural disasters, user error, power outages, and theft, can cause partial or total data loss. The loss of critical system or personal data, such as family photos or important household documents, can be difficult to manage and the data hard to replace.

When the Windows Home Server 2011 connector software is installed on your home computer, the software can set up your computer to be automatically backed up. If you want to back up your computer manually or stop a backup in progress, you can do so from the Launchpad.

Restore data from a backup to a home computer

If a file becomes corrupt for any reason, or if you want to restore an older version of a file, the file can easily be restored from a backup on the server. To restore a file or folder from an existing backup or to restore the full system, contact the person who manages your server.

If you replace your computer with a like computer or you replace your system drive, the person who manages your server can restore your computer to the same condition that it was at the time of the backup that is used for the restore.