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To include add-ins on all server or client computers install them before creating an image. These add-ins are automatically included on all computers replicated using that image. There are two methods for installing add-ins:

  • Run the .wssx file. If you install by using a .wssx file, the add-in can be uninstalled through the Add-In Manager.

  • Install individual add-in files by following the guidance in the Windows Server Solutions SDK for each type of add-in. If you install the individual files, the add-in is not managed from the Add-In Manager.


Any software that is installed or downloaded on the server (including Dashboard tabs and health notifications) should have a localized interface that matches the language of the operating system that is installed on the server.


To install an add-in

  1. (Optional) To install the add-in by using a .wssx file, complete the following steps:

    1. Save the <AddinName>.wssx file on the reference computer.

    2. Double click the .wssx file to open the Add-in Installation Wizard.

    3. Follow the instructions in the wizard to complete the installation.

  2. (Optional) Install the individual add-in files in the appropriate locations as defined in the SDK for each type of add-in.

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