.NET Micro Framework Tools

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Emulate a development environment, transfer your application to your hardware device, and create a user interface with these tools designed for .NET Micro Framework.

In This Section

  • Extensible Emulator
    The Microsoft .NET Micro Framework includes a powerful hardware emulator that you can enhance and extend to suit your needs when creating embedded systems for hardware devices. With the emulator, you can do much of your development and testing before your hardware is actually built. This section of the .NET Micro Framework Platform SDK describes the capabilities and uses of the emulator.

  • MFDeploy
    The MFDeploy tool helps you copy Microsoft .NET Micro Framework applications to your hardware devices. MFDeploy makes it easy for you to deploy or upgrade the firmware you are developing to your hardware.

  • TFConvert
    The TFConvert tool helps you convert TrueType fonts to the TinyFNT format that Microsoft .NET Micro Framework applications use.