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Windows Embedded NavReady is based on the Windows CE 5.0 operating system. Windows Embedded CE Help content includes a variety of features to help you find information about programming tasks, operating-system (OS) design, available drivers, and many other aspects of Windows Embedded CE development. In Help, you will also find links to information about product support, Help updates, community resources, and training.

The Windows Embedded CE product Help contains detailed instructions on how to design, build, customize, debug, and test a Windows Embedded CE run-time image. You can complete step-by-step tutorials to learn how to use Windows CE emulation technology with a Windows Embedded CE PC-based hardware platform (CEPC). These tutorials show you how to reduce development efforts as you design custom hardware.

For a comprehensive roadmap to Windows Embedded CE Help, see Getting Assistance, which includes a comprehensive table of Help options. Topics in this section describe the Help features in Windows CE 5.0 in detail; for example, how to work with Help filters.

Windows Embedded CE Help content is organized by major development tasks and by Platform Builder Catalog items. The following list contains links to Windows Embedded CE Help topics.

Topic Description

Migrating from an Earlier Version of Windows CE

Provides information about how to migrate existing workspaces to Windows CE 5.0.

Bringing Up a Hardware Platform

Provides information about creating a board support package (BSP) and bringing up a Windows Embedded CE-based device. Explains how to use the sample BSPs provided in Windows Embedded CE. Explains how to find information about how to order hardware platforms for the sample BSPs.

Developing a Device Driver

Offers an overview of Windows Embedded CE drivers and describes typical processes for developing drivers for a Windows Embedded CE-based device.

Developing an Operating System

Describes how to use Platform Builder to create and customize an operating-system (OS) design that you can use to build a run-time image for download to a target device. Includes information about creating software development kits (SDKs).

Debugging and Testing

Provides information about debugging and testing.

Platform Builder User's Guide

Provides information about the Platform Builder tools and IDE.

Windows CE Features

Provides links and information about items that you can select in the Platform Builder Catalog and functionality that can be included in an operating-system (OS) design.

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