Server Versions for SharePoint Foundation

Applies to: SharePoint Foundation 2010

The server version identifies the exact version of Microsoft SharePoint Foundation in use on a Web server. The general form is:

server version=

  • major ver=n

  • minor ver=n

  • phase ver=n

  • verincr=v

in which n is a positive integer and v is a positive four-digit integer.

The value of the major ver parameter is the major release number of SharePoint Foundation on the specific Web server. The value of the minor ver parameter is the minor release number. The value of the phase ver parameter is the phase release of the minor release. The value of the verincr parameter is the incremental phase number of the minor release.


server version=


The example indicates that the version of SharePoint Foundation in use is, which maps to the following values:

  • major version=14

  • minor version=0

  • phase version=2

  • incremental phase number=5420