What's new in Unified Service Desk for developers

This topic contains information about changes in Unified Service Desk that impact system customizers and developers in each release. For information about new features in Unified Service Desk for administrators, see What’s New in Unified Service Desk for administrators.

What’s new in Unified Service Desk 1.2.0

System customizers and developers will be able to leverage the following enhancements and new capabilities in this release:

Integration with Parature knowledge management

Unified Service Desk now provides enhanced knowledge management capabilities through integration with Parature, from Microsoft that enables your service agents to easily search for the most accurate and up-to-date knowledge base articles in Parature from within Unified Service Desk, associate an article with a case, and share the information in the article with customers over various channels such as web, chat, email, or phone. Use the new KM Control type of hosted control to display relevant knowledge base articles from Parature from within Unified Service Desk. More information: Use Parature knowledge for effective customer engagement, Configure Parature knowledge base in Unified Service Desk, and KM Control (Hosted Control)

New panel type

A new panel type, USDPopUpPanel, is added to allow for content to hover over the main view. More information: Panels, panel types, and panel layouts in Unified Service Desk

Enhanced Navigate action

The Navigate action for the CRM Page and Standard Web Application hosted control types now supports parameters for specifying post data, header, and target frame name. More information: CRM Page (Hosted Control) or Standard Web Application (Hosted Control)

New method (action) added to the DynamicsBaseHostedControl class

A new method, SetVisualProperty, is added to the DynamicsBaseHostedControl class, that enables you to set the visual (UIElement) properties of the UI objects exposed on the hosted control.

By default, this action is available when you create a hosted control of type Panel Layout. More information: SetVisualProperty

For other hosted control types, except CCA Hosted Application, you must explicitly add the User Interface Integration (UII) action to the hosted control to be able to use it. More information: Add a UII action to a hosted control

New action added to Global Manager hosted control type

A new action, CopyToClipboard, is added to the Global Manager hosted control type that enables you to copy or append data to the Clipboard. More information: Global Manager (Hosted Control)

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