Hosted control types and action/event reference

This section provides information about the various types of hosted controls in Unified Service Desk, and the predefined User Interface Integration (UII) actions and events available for each hosted control type. You can also view information about the predefined UII actions and events for hosted controls in the embedded help in Unified Service Desk. More information: View embedded help for actions and events


Most of the predefined hosted controls in Unified Service Desk have a predefined action called default, which calls an action on the hosted control that’s marked as the default. Because none of the predefined actions for any of the predefined hosted controls are marked as default, calling the default action on any predefined hosted control just loads the respective hosted control. However, for a custom Unified Service Desk hosted control, you can define an action and set it as default so that the action is called when the default action is called on the custom hosted control. More information: USD Hosted Control (Hosted Control)

In This Section

Connection Manager (Hosted Control)

Global Manager (Hosted Control)

Agent Scripting (Hosted Control)

CRM Dialog (Hosted Control)

CRM Page (Hosted Control)

CTI Desktop Manager (Hosted Control)

Debugger (Hosted Control)

KM Control (Hosted Control)

Panel Layout (Hosted Control)

Session Lines (Hosted Control)

Session Tabs (Hosted Control)

Standard Web Application (Hosted Control)

Toolbar Container (Hosted Control)

User Notes (Hosted Control)

USD Hosted Control (Hosted Control)

CCA hosted application (hosted control)


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