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The main navigation window in Microsoft Dynamics NAV is where users see the presentation of the Cues, charts, lists, and other parts that make up their Role Center.

The purpose of the Role Center is to let users understand current business performance, to help prioritize what to attend to first, and to provide a quick start on frequent tasks. The user can also use the main navigation window to show business entity overviews, called list places, in relevant groupings per business activity, and a departmental index of contents, which is the Departments page.

The main navigation window is where the different places in the application are displayed. The RoleTailored design creates workspaces for users designed around the user’s tasks rather than the database’s structure. Each of the three main types of content in the Navigation window provide users with a highly versatile work space that can be adapted to the way they work. This is an example of a Navigation window with a List place.

Main window showing list place of customers

There are three types of pages that can be displayed in the Navigation window: Role Centers, List Places, and Department Pages.

Each of these pages or places contains the basic navigation frame, which includes the navigation pane, address bar, and travel buttons.

Most importantly, List places are shown here, each with a list of all customers, orders, products, or any other database entity. The Navigation window is similar in concept to the main window in Microsoft Outlook, which also displays the available lists such as emails, contacts, tasks, and so on.

There is usually only one Navigation window open at a time, but a user can open multiple Navigation windows, for example to work in multiple companies at the same time. A List place can be opened in its own window at which point it then becomes a list page. For more information, see Overview List.

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