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Applies To: Dynamics CRM 2015

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a quick view form can be added to another form as a quick view control. It provides a template to view information about a related entity record within a form for another entity record. This means you do not need to navigate to a different record to see the information you need to do your work.

Quick view controls are associated with a lookup field that is included in a form. If the lookup field value is not set, the quick view control will not be visible. Data in quick view controls cannot be edited and quick view forms do not support form scripts.

Because quick view forms are viewed using a quick view control in a form, they do not include header, footer, or navigation areas. Security roles cannot be assigned to quick view forms and they cannot be activated or deactivated.

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Create a quick view form

Edit a quick view form

Add a quick view control to a main form

Create a quick view form

You create quick view forms using the form editor in a manner similar to the way you create other forms. Quick view forms are read-only. Use them to create forms that are for reading purposes only.

  1. In the default solution, using the solution explorer, expand the Entities node and select the entity you want to create a new quick view form for.

  2. Expand the entity and select the Forms node.

  3. Choose New and select Quick View Form. This will open the form editor.

  4. In the form editor, choose Form Properties in the Form group of the Home tab.

  5. In the Form Properties dialog box, enter a Form Name and Description to differentiate this quick view form from any others and close the Form Properties dialog box.

  6. Edit the form to add the fields you want. More information: Edit a quick view form


    If you add a field and choose Field Requirement > Business Required and then save it, you will not be able to delete the field.

  7. To save the form and close the form editor, on the Home tab, Save group, choose Save and Close.

Edit a quick view form

Quick view forms have a simplified layout because they are designed to be viewed within a form section. Only one single column tab is available. You can add only additional single column sections, fields, subgrids, and spacers. More information: Use the form editor


You cannot delete a field that is Business Required. You will receive this message if you try to delete the field: “The field you are trying to remove is required by the system or business.” If you do not want the field in the form you have to delete the entire form and then recreate it.

When you edit a quick view form, you must publish your changes before they will be visible in the application.

Add a quick view control to a main form

Quick view forms can only be added to a main form where a lookup field exists that targets the entity of the quick view form.

  1. In an entity main form, choose Quick View Form in the Control group of the Insert tab.

  2. In the Quick View Control Properties dialog box, set the properties described in Quick view control properties.

  3. Choose OK to close the Quick View Control Properties dialog box.

You must save and publish the main form before the quick view control changes will be visible.

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