(DEU) Management Reporter and XBRL

XBRL (extensible business reporting language) provides a standardized and efficient way of communicating financial information. XBRL functionality in Management Reporter lets you prepare, publish, and exchange financial statements in a common format. Regulating authorities create taxonomies that regulate the tagging of data in this common format. Companies must use elements from the regulator’s taxonomy and map the tags to their financial data. The XBRL functionality in Management Reporter assists you with this data-tagging process.

The consistent identity structure of XBRL is intended to make financial information easier for analysts, investors, and others to search and analyze across companies, reporting periods, and industries without having to reenter data manually. Management Reporter supports the specific XBRL requirements for Germany.


You must have the XBRL Submit user permission to submit an instance document for filing with authorities.

For information about creating and filing an XBRL instance document, see the following topics:

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