Translate report currency

Management Reporter provides the following options for creating reports in multiple currencies.

  • Use the Web Viewer Currency button to immediately translate and view a report in another currency. You can then toggle between report views of different currencies. This procedure is described in the Currency translation example.

  • Create a report in which two different currencies are displayed in columns side-by-side. For more information about this procedure, see the “Format a multiple currency report in a column definition” section in Specify a column type in a column definition.


Currency translation in Management Reporter is supported in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, and Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. For Microsoft Dynamics SL and Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the Microsoft ERP system performs the currency conversion, and then Management Reporter displays the converted amounts.

If you are a Microsoft Dynamics GP legacy data provider and are now using the data mart, you may have to re-select the currency in the Currency Display cell in the Column Definition for any existing currency translation reports.

For more information about currency translation and the configuration changes to make in Microsoft Dynamics GP, see Microsoft Dynamics GP Multicurrency Management.

Before you generate translated currency reports in Management Reporter, you must first enter the appropriate currency exchange information in your Microsoft ERP system. For information about how to enter the currency exchange information, see your Microsoft ERP system documentation.

Currency translation example

In this example, Phyllis has a consolidated balance sheet for the Contoso Entertainment System, in U.S. dollars. She wants to share this balance sheet with June, a coworker in the Berlin division, who wants to view the report in euros.

In the following procedure, Phyllis and June use the Web Viewer currency translation process to quickly and easily share and view the balance sheet in another currency.

Converting a report from U.S. dollars to euros in the Web Viewer

  1. Phyllis generates her consolidated balance sheet in U.S. dollars and views it using the Web Viewer. Because she wants to share this report with her coworker, June, in Berlin, she adds a Microsoft SharePoint link location in the Output and Distribution tab of the Report Definition.

  2. Phyllis emails the Microsoft SharePoint link location to June in Berlin. June opens the report in the Web Viewer, clicks the Currency button, selects Euro (EUR), and then views the balance sheet.

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