Set dashboard permissions

TFS 2017


The set dashboard permissions feature is available for TFS 2017.1 and later versions. For TFS 2017 and earlier versions, only team and project administrators can add and edit dashboards.

To learn more about adding and viewing dashboards, see Add, rename, and delete dashboards.


If a user reports that they can't create or edit a team dashboard, and you've set the permissions to allow them to do so, check that they have been added as a member of the team. This includes adding them as a team member to the default project team. For details, see Add users to a project or specific team.

Set individual team dashboard permissions


The dashboard permissions dialog doesn't support granting permissions to other users or groups at this time. You can only change the default settings made for the team.

By default, all team members have permissions to edit dashboards defined for the team. Other valid users of the project have view only permissions, except for administrators. You can change the view, edit, and manage permissions for every team dashboard for members of your team.

  1. To change the permissions for a specific dashboard, open the dashboard and then select the configure icon wrench icon for the dashboard.

    For example, here we open the Manage Dashboards dialog for the Fabrikam Fiber Web team's Test dashboard.

    Open Manage dashboards dialog for TFS 2017

  2. Select the Permissions tab and check those checkboxes to grant or restrict permissions to your team members to edit and manage team dashboards. The default settings, as shown in the illustration, provide all team members permissions to edit and manage dashboards.


    The dashboard security dialog doesn't support granting permissions to other users or groups.

    Requires TFS 2017.1 or later version.

    Manage dashboards - permissions dialog, 2017.1

  3. Select Save to save your changes and dismiss the Settings dialog.