Access notification settings

TFS 2017

Learn about navigating the notifications user interface.


This article applies to Azure DevOps, TFS 2017 Update 1 and later versions. For information on TFS 2017 and earlier versions, see Manage personal notifications and select the TFS 2015 content version.

Notifications settings

You can set notifications at the following four levels:

  • Personal
  • Team
  • Project
  • Organization or collection (organization for the cloud and project collection for on-premises)


For on-premises Azure DevOps Server, configure an SMTP server for team members to see the Notifications option from their organization or user profile menu and to receive notifications.


For additional permission settings regarding notifications, see Permissions and groups, Notifications or alerts.

Open your personal notifications

Open your profile menu and choose Notification settings.

Go to personal notifications page

To learn more, see Manage your notifications

Open team or project level notifications

Enter the following URL to reach a team or project-level notifications page, replacing {organization} and {project} with your organization's and project's name.{organization}/{project}/_admin/_notifications

Screenshot of the team notifications page

View team level notifications page

To learn more, see Manage notifications for a team or group

Open Global notifications{organization}/_admin/_notifications

Go to organization notifications page

View organization level notifications page

To learn more, see Manage team and Global notifications