Starter layout templates

The starter layout templates provide building blocks for you to create custom sites. Each template has different layout, images, and colors that can be used as-is or customized to meet your needs.

One of the starter template layouts available in Power Pages.  This starter layout template is a rich blue and displays a header with white text. The body of the page is in 2 column layout.  The left column includes white starter text and an orange button.  The right column includes an image of colorful skyscrapers and a bright, cloudy sky.


Makers are able to use the design studio to modify the templates for their specific needs.

The following are the pages, forms, and customizable tables provided in each starter layout template. These components can be modified to align with your specific project needs.


All starter layout templates contain the following pages.

Page Description
Home page Customer homepage
Subpages Customer pages with standard components
Contact us Contains a feedback form
Search results Contains a keyword-based search

Forms and tables

The templates use the following forms linked to Dataverse tables.

Table Table form name* Page form name**
Feedback simple contact us form Contact us

* The form name as it appears associated to the table in data workspace.

** The form name as it appears when added to a page as a component.

Table information

Table name Schema name Description
Feedback Feedback Feedback form

Professional developers

This template includes custom code and has been styled to follow best-in-class UX patterns. For custom code editing, use the Microsoft Power Platform CLI to download the site metadata, and use Visual Studio Code to view and modify the source code.

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