Billing information for Microsoft 365 for business in Mexico

1. Where can I get an invoice for my Microsoft 365 for business purchase?

Your invoice is sent to the registered billing notification email address 24 hours after your purchase is confirmed. To download your invoice in the Microsoft 365 admin center, go to the Billing > Bills & payments page.


If you want the invoice to include your RFC, you must add it before the purchase confirmation.

2. How can I add my RFC (Registro Federal de Contribuyentes) to the invoice I get for the purchase of Microsoft 365 for business?

During the purchase process (Checkout)

During the checkout purchase process, when you get to step 4. Payment and billing, select the box to enter an RFC. This step is necessary so that you can see it reflected in your purchase invoice.

For your future purchases

You can add or modify your RFC so that the information is reflected in future Microsoft 365 for business purchases. To add or modify your RFC, go to the Billing > Billing accounts page.


If you're in a recurrent billing subscription, the addition or modification of the RFC is reflected on the invoice of your next charge.

3. Can I add or modify my RFC to an invoice that was already generated?

It's important that you add or modify your RFC before you make your purchase. After we have generated your Microsoft 365 for business invoice, you can't add or modify the RFC information.

4. Why don't I get a CFDI (Comprobante Fiscal Digital por Internet)?

Microsoft Corporation, as tax resident in the United States of America, is only able to issue invoices under the laws of jurisdiction and is not obligated to provide a CFDI electronic invoice.

5. Is the invoice I receive valid for my accounting operations in Mexico?

An invoice generated by foreign entities (in this case Microsoft Corporation) that includes the respective RFC is valid for tax purposes in Mexico. (We recommend consulting your accountant for more information).

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