About registration numbers and under review notifications

This article only applies to commercial customers who buy or activate products or services directly from Microsoft. This article doesn't apply to Volume Licensing, or cloud solution provider (CSP) customers who work directly with a partner.

What is a registration number?

We use the registration number (also referred to as a Tax Identification Number (TIN)) to review the details of your account. This lets us determine if Microsoft can provide you products and services. For information about what registration numbers are needed for a country or region, see Tax Identification Numbers.

For countries where the registration number is mandatory, the label above the text box indicates what type of number is required.

For example, in the following screenshot, the label indicates that a CNPJ (Brazilian) registration number is needed.

Screenshot of the registration number field for C N P J number.

For countries where the registration number is optional, you can choose to provide a company legal registration number. Don't enter a personal ID in this field.

The following screenshot shows an example of when the registration number is optional.

Screenshot of the optional registration number field.

If you don't have a valid registration number, see Tax Identification Numbers.

What should I do if I get an under-review notification?

When you complete a purchase, you might receive a notification that your account is under review. During the review process, you can check the status by browsing to the Billing > Billing accounts page and selecting the account that you used to complete your purchase.

The review process normally takes about one day to complete but can take longer.

The following screenshot shows the review notification displayed during checkout.

Screenshot of the account review notice on the checkout page.

An email notification is also sent to all Global and Billing admins on your account. In some cases, the notification is sent to users who have the Billing Account Owners or Billing Account Contributors role on the account. The notification says that a review is currently in process. A confirmation email notification is sent after the review process is complete.

The following screenshot shows the notification displayed on the billing account details page.

Screenshot of the under review notification on the billing accounts page.