What is Azure Marketplace?

Azure Marketplace is an online store that contains thousands of IT software applications and services built by industry-leading technology companies. In Azure Marketplace you can find, try, buy, and deploy the software and services you need to build new solutions and manage your cloud infrastructure. The catalog includes solutions for different industries and technical areas, free trials, and also consulting services from Microsoft partners.

Find what you need in Azure Marketplace

Azure Marketplace offers simple search and filtering options to help you quickly find what you're looking for. Use the search bar at the top of the page to find solutions by vendor, product name, or keywords.

Shows the main Azure Marketplace window, where you can choose whether to browse Apps or Consulting Services.

When exploring the app gallery, use the filters at the top to narrow results based on the availability of a free trial or test drive, operating system, publisher, pricing model or product type.

Shows filters at the top of the Azure Marketplace window.

The leftmost pane lets you filter the catalog by categories such as analytics, security, networking, storage, and DevOps. Select a category to view its available subcategories.

Shows categories with sub-categories.

Azure Marketplace simplifies software procurement and IT management (with their various pricing options and multiple deployment methods) to give you flexibility to meet your unique business needs. It also streamlines procurement with standard contract agreements, consolidated billing and invoicing, and centralized subscription management. The Azure Marketplace catalog is available from the online store and through the Azure portal.

Microsoft preferred solutions

When searching or filtering the catalog, results may include Microsoft preferred solutions, which are identified through the preferred solutions badge located in the bottom right corner of the app card or the badge on the product detail page.

Shows the Azure Marketplace preferred provider badge.

Preferred solutions are selected by a team of Microsoft experts and are published by Microsoft partners with deep, proven expertise and capabilities to address specific customer needs in a category, industry, or industry vertical.

Search in the Azure portal

In the Azure portal, select + Create a resource or search for "marketplace". Then browse the categories on the left side or use the search bar, which includes a filter function.

Choosing apps in the Azure portal.

Consulting services are only available in the online store, not the Azure portal.

Take action on a listing

Take action on a listing by selecting one or more of the following:

  • Get it Now – Purchase the solution immediately.
  • Test Drive – Explore a curated demo. Test drives don't require any configuration. They let you determine if the solution meets your business needs without using your production data or environment.
  • Free Trial – Takes you to the software provider's website to kick off a free trial
  • Contact me – Ask the publisher to contact you so you can purchase the solution directly from them.

An example of a Take Action button.

Purchasing requirements

To deploy software from Azure Marketplace you'll need an active Azure subscription with an associated payment method. If you don't already have an Azure subscription when you access an offer, you'll be asked to create one, which is free.

For payment, there are a couple options:

  • Credit card
  • Invoice (with existing Microsoft purchasing agreement)

Azure Marketplace purchases are automatically added to your Azure bill and charged to the payment method associated with the account. For help with associating different payment accounts, see Check billing account type in the Azure external charges topic.

Certification and security

Every product available in Azure Marketplace has been certified according to specific criteria. We still encourage you to review each product carefully to ensure it meets your organization's unique requirements. To learn about the certification policies we review for each offer type, see the commercial marketplace certification policies.

Terms and conditions

The software vendor defines the price, end user license agreement, and privacy policies. Every offer on Azure Marketplace includes links to the publisher's license agreement and privacy policy. Acknowledging these agreements, as well as having an opportunity to view them, is part of the purchase flow. See Legal contracts for more information.

Ratings and reviews

Every product page features ratings and reviews from other customers. Ratings use a 5-star scale, and the average rating is displayed on each offer card. Verbatim reviews are also available so you can learn about other customer experiences. Once you've purchased a solution, you too can leave a rating and review to help other customers make decisions.

An example of app reviews.

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