Page Settings Visibility

One of the manageable features for HoloLens devices is using the Settings/PageVisibilityList policy to restrict the pages seen within the Settings app. PageVisibilityList is a policy that allows IT Admins to either prevent specific pages in the System Settings app from being visible or accessible, or to do so for all pages except those specified.


This feature is only avalible in Windows Holographic, version 20H2 or higher for HoloLens 2 devices. Please ensure devices you intend to use this for are updated.


Pages are identified by a shortened version of the published URIs, which is the URI minus the "ms-settings:" prefix.

The following example illustrates a policy that would allow access only to the about and bluetooth pages, which have URI "network-wifi" and "bluetooth" respectively:

  • showonly:network-wifi;network-proxy;bluetooth

The following example illustrates a policy that would hide the OS Reset page:

  • hide:reset

Deploying this policy via Intune

These are the configuration values that will be supplied to Intune:

  • Name: An admin preferred display name for the profile.
  • OMA-URI: The fully qualified URI of the setting page including its scope. This examples on this page are using the ./Device scope.
  • Value: A string value that indicates whether to hide or show only the specified pages. Possible values are hide:<pagename> and showonly:<pagename>.

Multiple pages can be specified by separating them with a semicolon, and a listing of common pages can be found below.

  1. Create a Custom policy.
  2. When setting the OMA-URI enter the fully scoped URI. For example: ./Device/Vendor/MSFT/Policy/Config/Settings/PageVisibilityList
  3. When selecting the data pick choose: String
  4. When specifying Value use the guidance above. For example: showonly:network-wifi;network-proxy;bluetooth or hide:reset


Make sure to assign the custom device configuration to a group the device is intended to be in. If this step is not performed, the policy will be pushed but won't be applied.

See HoloLens MDM configuration for more information on Intune groups and device configurations.

Deploying this policy via a Provisioning Package

These are the configuration values that will be specified in Windows Configuration Designer:

Value: A string value that indicates whether to hide or show only the specified pages. Possible values are hide:<pagename> and showonly:<pagename>. Multiple pages can be specified by separating them with a semicolon, and a listing of common pages can be found below.

  1. While creating your package in Windows Configuration Designer navigate to Policies > Settings > PageVisibilityList
  2. Enter the string: showonly:network-wifi;network-proxy;bluetooth
  3. Export your Provisioning Package.
  4. Apply the package to your device. For full details on how to create and apply a provisioning package visit the HoloLens provisioning page.

Regardless of method chosen your device should now receive the changes and users will be presented with the following Settings App.

Screenshot of active hours being modified in the Settings app.

To configure the Settings app pages to show or hide your own selection of pages, take a look at the Settings URIs available on HoloLens.

Settings URIs

HoloLens devices and Windows 10 devices have a different selection of pages within the Settings app. On this page, you will find only the settings that exist on HoloLens.


Settings page URI
Access work or school workplace
Iris Enrollment signinoptions-launchirisenrollment
Sign In Options signinoptions


Settings page URI
Apps & features 2 appsfeatures
Apps & features > Advanced Options 2 appsfeatures-app
Apps & features > Offline Maps 2 maps-maps
Apps & features > Offline Maps > Download maps 2 maps-downloadmaps


Settings page URI
Bluetooth bluetooth
Mouse 2 mouse
USB 2 usb


Settings page URI
Account Info privacy-accountinfo
App Diagnostics privacy-appdiagnostics
Background Apps privacy-backgroundapps
Calendar privacy-calendar
Call History privacy-callhistory
Camera privacy-webcam
Contacts privacy-contacts
Diagnostics & Feedback privacy-feedback
Documents privacy-documents
Email privacy-email
File system privacy-broadfilesystemaccess
General 2 privacy-general
Ink & typing personalization 2 privacy-speechtyping
Location privacy-location
Messaging privacy-messaging
Microphone privacy-microphone
Motion 2 privacy-motion
Notifications privacy-notifications
Other devices privacy-customdevices
Pictures privacy-pictures
Radios privacy-radios
Screenshot borders 2 privacy-graphicsCaptureWithoutBorder
Screenshots and apps 2 privacy-graphicsCaptureProgrammatic
Speech privacy-speech
Tasks privacy-tasks
User movements privacy-backgroundspatialperception
Videos privacy-videos
Voice Activation privacy-voiceactivation

Network & Internet

Settings page URI
Airplane Mode 2 network-airplanemode
Proxy network-proxy
VPN network-vpn
Wi-Fi network-wifi


Settings page URI
Battery 2 batterysaver
Battery 2 batterysaver-settings
Colors colors
Holograms 2 holograms
Calibration 2 calibration
Notifications & actions notifications
Shared Experiences crossdevice
Sound 2 sound
Sound > App volume and device preference 2 apps-volume
Sound > Manage sound devices 2 sound-devices
Storage storagesense
Storage > Configure Storage Sense 2 storagepolicies

Time & Language

Settings page URI
Date & time 2 dateandtime
Keyboard 2 keyboard
Language 2 language
Language 2 regionlanguage-languageoptions
Language regionlanguage
Region regionformatting

Update & Security

Settings page URI
Advanced Options windowsupdate-options
Reset & Recovery 2 reset
Windows Insider Program windowsinsider
Windows Update windowsupdate
Windows Update - Checks for updates windowsupdate-action
  • 1 - For versions prior to Windows Holographic, version 21H1, the following two URIs do not actually take you to the Advanced options or Options pages; they will only block or show the main Windows Update page.

    • windowsupdate-options
    • windowsupdate-restartoptions
  • 2 - Available in Windows Holographic 21H1 or higher.

For a full list of Windows 10 Settings URIs, please visit the launch settings documentation.