ExecutionTypes Enum


This enumeration supports a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum ExecutionTypes
type ExecutionTypes = 
Public Enum ExecutionTypes


ContinueOnError 2

Batch execution continues on any error that does not break the connection

Default 0

No statement execution options set

NoCommands 1

Ignore the command terminator in the script. Execute as a single batch

NoExec 4

Execute SET NOEXEC ON prior to batch execution. Execute SET NOEXEC OFF after batch execution.

ParseOnly 8

Execute SET PARSEONLY ON prior to batch execution. Execute SET PARSEONLY OFF after batch execution

QuotedIdentifierOn 16

Execute SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON prior to batch execution. Execute SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER OFF after batch execution.


Statement execution constants are used to direct the behavior of the ExecuteImmediate method, altering execution behavior or interpretation of the statement submitted for execution

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