Files Created for CLR Projects

When you use Visual C++ templates to create your projects, several files are created, depending on which template you use. The following table lists all the files that are created by project templates for .NET Framework projects.

File name File description
AssemblyInfo.cpp The file that contains information (that is, attributes, files, resources, types, versioning information, signing information, and so on) for modifying the project's assembly metadata. For more information see Assembly Concepts.
projname.asmx A text file that references managed classes that encapsulate the functionality of the XML Web service.
projname.cpp The main source file and entry point into the application that Visual Studio created for you. Identifies the project .dll file and the project namespace. Provide your own code in this file.
projname.vsdisco An XML deployment file containing links to other resources that describe the XML Web service.
projname.h The main include file for the project, which contains all declarations, global symbols, and #include directives for other header files.
projname.sln The solution file used within the development environment to organize all elements of your project into a single solution.
projname.suo The solution options file used within the development environment.
projname.vcxproj The project file used within the development environment that stores the information specific to this project.
ReadMe.txt A file describing each file in your project using the actual filenames created by the template.