Plan for Agile at scale

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As your organization grows, you want your tools to scale to support your growing business needs. Azure Boards tools scale primarily by supporting the addition of teams. Each team provides configurable tools that allow teams to focus on their set of work.

Agile tools and teams

For guidance on adding teams, see About teams and Agile tools.

Video: Agile at Scale

Portfolio management

Enterprise project managers often have a portfolio of projects that they manage. These projects are typically developed by several teams. By creating a hierarchy of teams, portfolio managers can gain insight into the tools being developed by their teams.

For more information, see Manage portfolios.

Delivery plans

Delivery plans provide visibility into features under development by several teams across several sprints. With Delivery Plans, portfolio managers can review the schedule of stories or features their teams plan to deliver. Delivery Plans show the scheduled work items by sprint (iteration path) of selected teams against a calendar view.

For more information, see Review delivery plans.

Team dashboards

Each team can construct several dashboards to track and monitor their progress. Also, portfolio managers can create dashboards to monitor progress across several teams.

For more information, see Add and manage dashboards.