Share packages publicly

Azure DevOps Services

Azure Artifacts provides an easy way to share packages to users outside your organization and even external customers using public feeds. Packages that are stored in public feeds can be restored and installed by anyone on the Internet.


Create a public feed

Public feeds are project-scoped feeds in a public project. Public feeds inherit the visibility settings of the hosting project.

  1. Navigate to your project, and then select Artifacts.

    A screenshot showing how to access Artifacts from the Azure DevOps dashboard.

  2. Select Create Feed.

    A screenshot showing how to create a new feed.

  3. Give your feed a Name, and then select Project: PublicProject (Recommended) for its scope.

    A screenshot showing how to create a new public feed.

  4. Select Create when you are done.

Publish packages


If you want to publish NuGet packages, make sure you have the latest Azure Artifacts Credential Provider.

Publish packages (CLI)

Publish packages with Azure Pipelines

Share packages

To share your packages publicly, you can simply share your feed URL E.g.<ORGANIZATION_NAME>/<PROJECT-NAME>/_artifacts/feed/<FEED_NAME> or share individual packages with package badges.

As long as your project is kept public, anyone can view and download packages from your public feed. Anonymous users won't be able to create new feeds or access the recycle bin.

A screenshot showing packages in a public feed.