Google Maven Repository upstream source

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With Azure Artifacts, developers can enable upstream sources to store packages from different sources such as Google Maven Repository. Once enabled, Azure Artifacts will save a copy of all the packages installed from Google Maven Repository. Azure Artifacts also support other Maven upstream sources such as Maven Central, Gradle Plugins, and JitPack.

Add Google Maven Repository

  1. Select the gear icon at the top right corner to navigate to Feed Settings.

  2. Select Upstream sources.

  3. Select Add Upstream.

  4. Select Public source, and then select Google Maven Repository ( from the dropdown menu.

    A screenshot showing how to add Google Maven Repository.

  5. Select Save when you are done.

  6. Select Save at the top right corner to save your changes.


Maven snapshots are not supported with Maven upstream sources.

View saved packages

To view the packages you installed from Google Maven Repository, select the appropriate source from the dropdown menu.

A screenshot showing how to filter for packages from Google Maven Repository.


If Maven is not downloading all your dependencies, run the following command from the project directory to regenerate your project's files: mvn eclipse:eclipse -DdownloadSources=true -DdownloadJavadocs=true