app() expression in Azure Monitor query

The app expression is used in an Azure Monitor query to retrieve data from a specific Application Insights app in the same resource group, another resource group, or another subscription. This is useful to include application data in an Azure Monitor log query and to query data across multiple applications in an Application Insights query.


The app() expression is not used if you're using a workspace-based Application Insights resource since log data is stored in a Log Analytics workspace. Use the workspace() expression to write a query that includes application in multiple workspaces. For multiple applications in the same workspace, you don't need a cross workspace query.




  • Identifier: Identifies the app using one of the formats in the table below.
Identifier Description Example
Resource Name Human readable name of the app (Also known as "component name") app("fabrikamapp")
Qualified Name Full name of the app in the form: "subscriptionName/resourceGroup/componentName" app('AI-Prototype/Fabrikam/fabrikamapp')
ID GUID of the app app("988ba129-363e-4415-8fe7-8cbab5447518")
Azure Resource ID Identifier for the Azure resource app("/subscriptions/7293b69-db12-44fc-9a66-9c2005c3051d/resourcegroups/Fabrikam/providers/microsoft.insights/components/fabrikamapp")


  • You must have read access to the application.
  • Identifying an application by its name assumes that it is unique across all accessible subscriptions. If you have multiple applications with the specified name, the query will fail because of the ambiguity. In this case you must use one of the other identifiers.
  • Use the related expression workspace to query across Log Analytics workspaces.


app("fabrikamapp").requests | count
app("AI-Prototype/Fabrikam/fabrikamapp").requests | count
app("b438b4f6-912a-46d5-9cb1-b44069212ab4").requests | count
app("/subscriptions/7293b69-db12-44fc-9a66-9c2005c3051d/resourcegroups/Fabrikam/providers/microsoft.insights/components/fabrikamapp").requests | count
(workspace("myworkspace").Heartbeat | where Computer contains "Con"),
(app("myapplication").requests | where cloud_RoleInstance contains "Con")
| count  
(workspace("myworkspace").Heartbeat), (app("myapplication").requests)
| where TimeGenerated between(todatetime("2018-02-08 15:00:00") .. todatetime("2018-12-08 15:05:00"))

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