Add or update a user's profile information and settings

A user's profile information and settings can be managed on an individual basis and for all users in your directory. When you look at these settings together, you can see how permissions, restrictions, and other connections work together.

This article covers how to add user profile information, such as a profile picture and job-specific information. You can also choose to allow users to connect their LinkedIn accounts or restrict access to the Microsoft Entra administration portal. Some settings may be managed in more than one area. For more information about adding new users, see How to add or delete users in Microsoft Entra ID.

Add or change profile information


Steps in this article may vary slightly based on the portal you start from.

When new users are created, only a few details are added to their user profile. If your organization needs more details, they can be added after the user is created.

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft Entra admin center as at least a User Administrator.

  2. Browse to Identity > Users > All users.

  3. Select a user.

  4. There are two ways to edit user profile details. Either select Edit properties from the top of the page or select Properties.

    Screenshot of the overview page for a selected user, with the edit options highlighted.

  5. After making any changes, select the Save button.

If you selected the Edit properties option:

  • The full list of properties appears in edit mode on the All category.
  • To edit properties based on the category, select a category from the top of the page.
  • Select the Save button at the bottom of the page to save any changes.

Screenshot a selected user's details, with the detail categories and save button highlighted.

If you selected the Properties tab option:

  • The full list of properties appears for you to review.
  • To edit a property, select the pencil icon next to the category heading.
  • Select the Save button at the bottom of the page to save any changes.

Screenshot the Properties tab, with the edit options highlighted.

Profile categories

There are six categories of profile details you may be able to edit.

  • Identity: Add or update other identity values for the user, such as a married last name. You can set this name independently from the values of First name and Last name. For example, you could use it to include initials, a company name, or to change the sequence of names shown. If you have two users with the same name, such as ‘Chris Green,’ you could use the Identity string to set their names to 'Chris B. Green' and 'Chris R. Green.'

  • Job information: Add any job-related information, such as the user's job title, department, or manager.

  • Contact info: Add any relevant contact information for the user.

  • Parental controls: For organizations like K-12 school districts, the user's age group may need to be provided. Minors are 12 and under, Not adult are 13-18 years old, and Adults are 18 and over. The combination of age group and consent provided by parent options determine the Legal age group classification. The Legal age group classification may limit the user's access and authority.

  • Settings: Decide whether the user can sign in to the Microsoft Entra tenant. You can also specify the user's global location.

  • On-premises: Accounts synced from Windows Server Active Directory include other values not applicable to Microsoft Entra accounts.


You must use Windows Server Active Directory to update the identity, contact info, or job info for users whose source of authority is Windows Server Active Directory. After you complete your update, you must wait for the next synchronization cycle to complete before you'll see the changes.

Add or edit the profile picture

On the user's overview page, select the camera icon in the lower-right corner of the user's thumbnail. If no image has been added, the user's initials appear here. This picture appears in Microsoft Entra ID and on the user's personal pages, such as the page.

All your changes are saved for the user.


If you're having issues updating a user's profile picture, please ensure that your Office 365 Exchange Online Enterprise App is Enabled for users to sign in.

Manage settings for all users

In the User settings area, you can adjust several settings that affect all users. Some settings are managed in a separate area linked from this page. These settings require the Global Administrator role.

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft Entra admin center as a Global Administrator.
  2. Browse to Identity > Users > User settings.

Screenshot of the Microsoft Entra user settings options.

The following settings can be managed from User settings.

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