DevTools Protocol Version 0.1 Release Notes


The Microsoft Edge DevTools Protocol works only on Windows 10 April 2018 Update and later Windows Insider Preview builds.

Version 0.1 of the Microsoft Edge DevTools Protocol provides an early preview for testing EdgeHTML instrumentation and basic remote debugging in the new standalone Microsoft Edge DevTools Preview app. As such, it requires you to be running Windows 10 April 2018 Update or a later Windows Insider Preview build.

The goals behind the DevTools Protocol are three-fold:

  • Provide a public API for our DevTools app to attach to Microsoft Edge
  • Expand access of DevTools functionality to external tooling clients
  • Enable remote debugging across the range of Windows 10 devices running Microsoft Edge

This preliminary release provides core debugging functionality, such as setting breakpoints, stepping through code, and exploring stack traces. In the Edge DevTools UI, this translates to functionality available in the Debugger panel, minus cache inspection (for Web storage, Service worker, Cache API, and IndexedDB).

Further debugger functionality will be added in upcoming releases, followed by the instrumentation powering other DevTools panels.