View and edit the currently applied styles, organized by stylesheet. As you make changes to your properties, a colored indicator bar will appear for changed (yellow), added (green), and deleted (red) properties.

Styles pane

You can display the pseudo states panel by clicking the "a:" button. Define a new style rule by clicking the "+" button or right-clicking anywhere in the Styles pane to open the context menu.

Styles pane buttons and context menu

Editing pseudo elements

Use the Styles pane to add, edit, and delete pseudo elements and pseudo states. To apply a CSS pseudo state to the selected element, open the Pseudo states panel (a: button) and tick the desired class.

Pseudo classes in Styles pane

To add a pseudo element, click the + (New style rule) button and edit as you would a regular stylesheet.

Adding a pseudo element from the Styles pane

Pseudo elements are grouped under their own headings in the Styles pane.